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Azad Kashmir citizenship refused to the non-muslims

Where the Azad Kashmiri citizens have all the rights to buy land in Pakistan and move freely in all areas of Pakistan there the Pakistani citizens do not have the right to buy any property in Kashmir, in particular if they are non muslims. When the bishop of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Diocese wanted to make a convent, a school with eventually a chapple, in Muzafarabad the Capital of Azad Kashmir, all the permission was refused and he was told that non-muslims are not allowed to own land and only the Kashmiri citizens can have their property.

Over an interview to a catholic priest working in the area we have been informed that there several christian soldiers of the Pakistani army who with their families follow the mass when possible. There are some protestant christian families living there. Exceptionally some families have the nationality but any further nationalization to non-muslims is refused. 

It seems, accoridng some socio-political analysts, Pakistan wants to continue showing that in Azad Kashmir there are 100% muslims only and there are no non-muslims this way the relatively democratic government which has been created in this so called Azad Kashmir will remain only in the hands of some muslims who want the kashmiri territory under Pakistani governance and eventually it will become only an important province of the country.

The constitution of Azad Kashmir, available on the government website, reflects its relative foreign policy.

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Kashmiri Christians: People of their land

“Kashmir’s Christians” is a first blog ever created  to narrate the history and background of the Christians of Kashmir, today divided between India and Pakistan.  The blog is sustained by Prof. Mobeen Shahid, a grandson of Feroz Masih Khan who was a Catholic from Kashmir and during the Partition migrated in Pakistani Punjab where after marrying Zenab Bibi (a Punjabi Catholic) from Sialkot settled at Jhelum in the present Diocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi. This diocese covers several areas of Kashmir and the present Azad Kashmir itself in Pakistan.

Our team intends to document the history and development of christians in this particular area through research on the lives of the missionaries who have dedicated their lives not only in service of the British soldiers and personnel but also for the local converts.

Today Kashmir has become only an issue between the Hindus and Muslims of India and Pakistan where as christians who have been living a tranquil life since the very first century after Christ are ignored. Purposely or not this fact marginalizes their presence in the Government and State institutions.